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What is a Journeys Within Tour?

When your guests travel with us, we will arrange for an English-speaking local guide to accompany them during much of their time exploring these new destinations. We certainly believe in free time to take in a new place without a filter, and can provide as much or as little as requested; however, there is also nothing like having a personal local guide on hand to help explain the cultural, historic or interesting sights in a new place.

So why explore a new destination with a local guide?

Here at Journeys Within, we believe that while seeing a new destination is fantastic and enlightening, travelers who wish to truly experience that destination must get a deeper understanding of the history and culture of the area, and make personal connections with the people who live there.

That is where our local guides come in…

  • As local residents who are eager to share their culture with visitors, they can answer questions guests might have from a true local’s perspective.
  • As translators, they will help guests communicate with other residents who don’t speak English – allowing them to hear personal stories they otherwise would never hear, eat at restaurants or street food stalls they’d never know about, and shop in stores they’d otherwise never find.
  • As navigators, they can get the guests to and from the destinations they most want to see in the most efficient or interesting way, whether that be public transportation, a tuk-tuk, hired car, bicycle, by boat, or on foot.
  • As their personal photographer, they can make sure that nobody is left out of trip family photos because someone had to hold the camera.
  • And finally, as their personal guide, they are flexible in terms of what they’d like to see and do on any given day. So if the itinerary says the guests will see a temple in the morning, followed by lunch at a local restaurant and then kayaking on the river, but guests want to rearrange the order, it’s no problem – it’s their tour and their guide can help adjust it as needed