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For the past 13 years our team throughout Southeast Asia has travelled the region and gathered information far and wide to create the very best experiences on the ground. The Internet is a great source of information but nothing beats firsthand experience and research, and this is what our team offers. By partnering with Journeys Within Ground Operations, through our Insider Info, we want to share with our partners our extensive knowledge and feedback on the area, allowing you to go that extra mile when planning your guests’ tours and helping them prepare for the trip, turning a great trip into a trip of a lifetime. Here is an insight into the kind of information our partners have access to.

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Hotels - Insider Info


We have personally inspected hundreds of hotels in the region, and not just the one time. In such a developing area it is important to stay well-connected with each property and really learn about the pros and cons of each one.

Through our Insider Info, partners will have access to honest and insightful reviews on each and every property we have inspected. We may not recommend each one but we’ll let you know why. A guest asks you about a hotel they’ve read about or a friend stayed at – have a look through our reviews and see what we have to say about it. If we like the property, we’ll definitely let you know why! With so much competition and so many beautiful properties out there, it’s all about the detail. We will highlight to you those added extras you can only find in a certain property. We will recommend what we consider to be the best room types, even the best room, whether your guests are a family of four with young children or on their dream honeymoon.

Tours - Insider Info


Have a look through some of our detailed tour itineraries for the area! Every tour is different and we pride ourselves on being able to provide unique and very special experiences for every single guest. Browse through these example tours to give you some inspiration and contact us to discuss options further.

Guides - Insider Info


One of the most important parts of JWGO is our highly trained hand-picked guides that bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every trip. Every year, our CEO and founder Andrea Ross, along with our Regional Directors, lead a training tour with the guides, getting to personally know each new guide working for Journeys Within and making sure our standards are maintained and new ideas developed.

It is also a key time for us to discuss touring options with our guides, who’s valuable experience can help dictate what is or isn’t working, as well as create new ideas, as they are the eyes and ears on the ground, and the very best ambassadors for not only Journeys Within, but for their country as well. Through our Insider Info you can learn a little more about some of our guides and get a better picture of the experts who will be looking after your guests on the ground.

Cheat Sheets

Cheat Sheets

It is important to provide the highest quality of touring on the ground, but it is equally important to remember that many of our guests are well-travelled and like a level of independence throughout the tour to explore and discover a city or town on their own. We like to provide some guidelines for the guests to be able to pick and choose and decide for themselves, whether it is trying the newest restaurant in town or a restaurant we found 10 years ago down a little dirt track at the back of town and in our opinion still serves the best Pad Thai in the country!

We’ll offer up our recommendations on everything from restaurants to shops, and you can share this information with your guests as you like, for them to enjoy their free time at leisure and continue to create their own independent experiences on the ground.

Exceptional Experiences

Exceptional Experiences

Our team on the ground has worked tirelessly to create some of the most unique and inspiring experiences any traveler could ask for. There’s no doubt Angkor Wat in Siem Reap and the Grand Palace in Bangkok are must-sees for any visitor to the area, but by reading through our Exceptional Experiences, you will find a few examples of those extra special touring experiences we are able to incorporate into your personally designed itineraries, which will help complete that ”trip of a lifetime” for your guests.