Hot air ballooning over Bagan, Myanmar

Myanmar (Burma)

Journeys Within Ground Operations offers customized independent tours in Myanmar to explore highlights such as the glittering Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, rising to the heavens above intricate marketplaces and old colonial buildings, the countless ancient temples of Bagan stretching as far as the eye can see, the waters of the Irrawaddy rippling past ancient temples and modern wats where hundreds of monks study in Mandalay and Bagan, and timeless Inle Lake, where everyone from schoolchildren to farmers and craftsmen spend their days on the water.

Due to the changes in the government, Myanmar is a largely unexplored country that has recently opened for exploration.  With expert advice and English-speaking guides to help guests get the most out of their visit, we offer a place filled with amazing people, incredible sights and a long and fascinating history that continues to unfold.


Yangon is the center of modern Myanmar. Guests can explore the Shwedagon Pagoda as the sun sets and watch locals come to worship at this magnificent temple.  They can witness traces of the colonial past all while staying in luxurious, world class hotels and browsing fascinating markets.

We offer the chance to travel back in time to Inle Lake, where fishermen row with their legs and local tradesmen work away in their floating workshops and the farmers tend their floating gardens. People live, work and play on water, and guests can too.

A forgotten wonder of the world, the thousands of temples stretching across the flat lands of Bagan are an awe-inspiring sight. Visitors have the chance to explore by hot air balloon, bicycle or horse cart, and should be prepared to get up early to watch the sun rise over the thousands of spires.

The Irrawaddy River winds its way down Myanmar and guests can follow the river on a sunset cruise or a multi-day boat ride, for a classic adventure.

Watch the sun set over Mandalay from the temple atop Mandalay Hill and chat with the young monks who gather there to meet and practice their English with Western travelers.

Shop for some of the best crafts in Asia – paper umbrellas, stunning lacquerware and intricate weaving.

Feel true serenity on the white sand beaches and go snorkeling or SCUBA diving on unexplored reefs.

An incredibly diverse country, Myanmar has it all, from fascinating capitals to quiet mountain escapes and stunning beaches.


Andrea had not ventured to Myanmar in her explorations of Southeast Asia because of the military government and its obvious human rights violations. In 2004, however, she was invited to visit and decided to see what she thought before passing judgment. She fell in love with the sights and people of Myanmar.

While exploring Myanmar, Andrea spoke with the people she met along the way. Amazed by the amount of English spoken, the message was always the same: that the people needed tourism, that it gave them a sense of pride in their country and themselves, and that it gave them a way to support their family and gain knowledge and understanding of the outside world.

Once there, Andrea realized that she had to offer this beautiful country as a travel destination. Though we know that Myanmar is still growing as a country, we try to remember the amazing people Andrea and our guests have met in Myanmar.  We hope that tourism can help to open the country up and become a more free society.

Country Guide

We have put together an extensive Myanmar Country Guide to help you advise and prepare your guests in the lead up to their trip. This is available to anyone partnered with JWGO in Myanmar, and includes detailed information on the following –

  • Top Ten Tips
  • Passport & Visa Requirements
  • Bureaucracy
  • Currencies and Money Matters
  • Tipping
  • Languages
  • Internet
  • Laundry
  • Photography
  • Toilet Facilities
  • Climate
  • Luggage
  • Clothing
  • Regional Airline Maximum Weight Restrictions
  • Suggested Packing List
  • Health (Inoculation Requirements, Medical Facilities, Water and Food)
  • Safety
  • Etiquette in Southeast Asia
  • Responsible Travel
  • Shopping
  • Recommended Books, Movies and Travel Apps
  • Travel Insurance Advice
  • A Typical Day On Tour
  • JWGO Management Team
  • Journeys Within Local Office Contact Details

Tour Options

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